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Tungsten Wedding Bands


629 S 1000 E St #2
St George, UT 84790 USA
Phone:    (800) 963-2330

Each individual has a preference of their own, that’s why a wide range of wedding bands is a must. Tungsten Wedding Bands have been offering great customer service and products that will suit everyone’s needs. Their bands are built with high-quality materials, especially men’s wedding bands. Even if their products are known to be highly durable, they still come at a more affordable price. Additionally, tungsten wedding bands have a lifetime warranty for your convenience. That way, you have nothing to lose, and did I mention that they have lifetime sizing? We never know if our finger stays the same forever. That’s why stores like them online offer lifetime sizing. You never half to worry about replacing the ring you love so much. It will remain as is but with a bigger or smaller size. What are you waiting for? Contact them now at 800-963-2330 and for more questions, email them at

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Hour:      Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

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